BARR support amidst Covid-19

BARR support amidst Covid-19

As schools, teachers and families navigate the unprecedented challenges of the novel coronavirus, we are committed to helping you maintain your relationships and stay connected to others. Let’s support each other in community and reach out so no community, school, educator or student feels alone in this uncharted work.

School Highlights

Before the kids left school, we made a list of kids who were struggling and we prioritized on how to reach out to them — first by email, then phone, the Zoom conference rooms.”

Snowden International

“BARR is a system that can easily and effectively be virtually translated by schools.”

South Fort Meyers

“Our BARR coordinator has set up virtual team meetings. They will continue to connect, add student names to their list and spreadsheet, and offer one-on-one interventions. They are going to continue to monitor student progress virtually and even offer some virtual team meetings with students or families as needed.”

Westbrook High School


Food: No Kid Hungry is offering $5 million in emergency grant funding to schools and community groups to feed children.

News and updates: The New York Times is providing free updates and ideas meant to help teachers and students find resources to stay updated and think critically during the coronavirus pandemic.

Internet connectivity: Altice USA will bring complimentary broadband to K-12 and college students.

Need ideas on how to maintain connections? Email us at and we will respond within one business day.

If you prefer to talk with a real person today, please call 1-855-348-7021.