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Detroit Lakes High School Improves Culture with BARR

When it comes to student success, the Detroit Lakes High School team will tell you that BARR (Building Assets, Reducing Risks) is making a difference in improving their school’s culture. The BARR team recently presented with the … Read more

You have all of these people that are brought together in a systematic way, and they share those little pieces with each other and there’s a lot of power in that. You can actually get at how you could help these kids.

That’s my favorite part about the meetings, you start with students’ strengths and connections to school.

I have seen more growth in two months of us running this BARR program in terms of our staff culture and how we’re approaching things and how we’re dealing with students, than I did the previous seven years.

Our teachers have created a good, positive environment for students, and our students feel safe and they feel more connected to the students in the classroom and, most importantly, to their teachers.

We start our meetings with this positive approach, which I think is amazing because a lot of times our students, there’s so many negative things that happen, they aren’t looked upon in a likeable manner. By using these positive comments, it just makes a difference in understanding and being willing to work more with these students.

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