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North Adams High School Helps Students Soar to New Heights with BARR

When walking into North Adams High School during the past few years, one may not notice anything different about the building. However, district administrators have mentioned how entering the building doesn’t feel the same at all. … Read more

BARR is not something we do; it is who we are: a school that puts students first. Teachers are focusing on students' strengths, on forming positive relationships, and systematically using data to recognize student success and support needed. BARR has transformed the way we teach. Every student is seen and every teacher shares fidelity in the process. BARR has helped us take what we already do and make it more efficient and effective. BARR has allowed for student-centered conversations that focus on real-time data that truly impact student achievement.

As the principal, BARR allows one to know every student quickly academically and have tremendous insight on environmental factors influencing those academics. Teachers systematically understand all students with one goal: student success. They rally around the student providing a support system like no other.

It forces my colleagues and me to talk about every student. We look at different issues and work on interventions, while we celebrate positives and growths. Being involved in BARR has made me a better educator.

Without the BARR meetings, I don’t know how I would get through the school year. BARR has provided me with ways to reach students that I never would have been able to before. We are the same people we would have been, but through the use of BARR my students and I are better connected which allows us to soar to new heights in education.

The I-Time activities allow students to engage with teachers and peers in ways they would not be able to typically. One of my favorite things about I-Time activities is that I learn new information about my students and I get to engage with them in conversations about real life topics and issues. These connections we are making with students during I-Time activities are long lasting and carry on into the teaching we do every day.

These shared moments give students and teachers an opportunity to connect on a different level which leads to better relationships. Those bonds really help both parties see each other as people rather than only as teacher/student.

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