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Helping Each & Every Student Succeed at South Charleston Middle School

At South Charleston Middle School, educators have been collaborating to ensure each and every student succeeds. The team has been working with BARR (Building Assets, Reducing Risks) to change their culture to ensure students understand how … Read more

We are celebrating student success and growth, while also working on interventions for students in need. BARR has helped South Charleston Middle School create deeper relationships with every student in our building.

BARR has focused our attention and energies on students in need - across the board and in all areas. I know for me personally it’s given me time and an avenue to recognize, identify and address individual students and their individual needs.

I think the kids enjoy getting to work with one another for activities that they believe are not academic. These activities have also felt like a “brain break” for the classes, and allowed kids to relax more within the classroom environment.

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