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South High School Prioritizes Student Success with BARR

BARR Center (Building Assets, Reducing Risks) is excited to announce South High School as the first BARR school in the state of North Dakota, in an effort to help each and every student succeed. BARR is … Read more

BARR provides a structure for educators to be able to best work together to support students throughout their education. By establishing strong relationships with each of our students, we are going to be able to collaborate as a team and effectively coach students through transitions to make sure they feel safe, supported and cared for in order to achieve their academic goals.

The first step in educational equity is access to opportunity. The Building Assets and Reducing Risks model is unique in that it builds the academic muscles of current students through a network of teachers, staff, and family. When BARR becomes how we ‘do school,’ students have even greater access to educational opportunities. Students are more likely to feel valued and connected, learn content and skills, and graduate on time, choice ready.

The benefits of these activities [I-Times] are two-fold and tremendously important for student growth. They both allow staff and students to deepen their relationships by better understanding each other while also teaching students critical skills such as goal-setting, problem-solving and self-confidence.

BARR will make school more valuable to students now, but also, I believe on-time graduation opens doors that would otherwise be closed. Those doors tend to remain open, one generation after the next. Everyone wins: students, teachers and staff, families, the school community, today and tomorrow.

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