Secretary Cardona: “Empower Educators”

In an exclusive interview with Angela Jerabek, the Executive Director of the BARR Center, 

Education Secretary Cardona shares his passion for educators and his admiration for the work they do.  In addressing the teacher shortage, Secretary Cardona says, “We’ve created [the shortage] over the years by underinvesting and disrespecting the profession… It’s time we stop that. We need to make sure we’re paying our educators a competitive salary compared to their level of education,” commensurate with the earnings of other professionals. He relays the story of how one educator noticed his skills and encouraged him to pursue his strengths, thereby starting the trajectory of his career,  resulting in  him becoming the leader of the Department of Education.

Secretary Cardona’s interview is followed by 30-year veteran educator and BARR Coach, Steve Ball, recounting his observations of how teachers’ building relationships with individual students transforms the educational experience. 

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