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Communications Toolkit

This toolkit has been created to provide you with important resources to meet your needs with creating compelling communication materials, activities and projects. It is important to follow key visual guidelines to effectively communicate BARR’s mission. By using the following colors, fonts, and logo variations, we are creating a unified message to share the impact of BARR’s transformational approach to meeting the academic, social, and emotional needs of each and every student. Check out BARR’s Style Guide to learn more.


When using BARR’s logo, it is important to follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Do not modify the logo in any way, including changing the color, dimensions or adding additional effects
  • Ensure the logo is visible by allowing for spacing around the artwork and text
  • Use the logo on backgrounds that are not distracting & are properly contrasted with the artwork
  • Do not place images, text or content inside of the logo
  • Please email BARRs communications team with additional logo requests at communications@barrcenter.org
Download Standard Logos Download Tagline Logos Download URL Logos Download Vertical Logos

Presentation Templates

You can utilize our presentation templates for official use only.

Likeness Release Form

At BARR, we love sharing the important experiences and exciting opportunities that are happening at each of our schools. Please complete this likeness release form for any content shared with us to ensure we have the proper permissions to share content featuring students.


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