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June 6, 2024

Angela Jerabek, Founder and Executive Director of BARR Center is the recipient of the 2024 James Bryant Conant Award, which recognizes outstanding individual contributions to education.

The number of students who have benefited from the BARR system.
The BARR system has been proven to create statistically significant impacts in 20 areas of academic performance and outcomes for students, teachers, and schools.
On average, large urban schools see a 40% reduction in failure rate after one year of BARR.

Who We Are

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We are a strengths-based educational system that disrupts the historical factory model of schools and provides them with a comprehensive approach to meeting the academic and non-academic needs of all students through the power of relationships and data.

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What We Do


BARR is a transformative model that ensures each and every student succeeds by prioritizing relationship-building.

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Real Results


We say we’ve never failed, and we mean it. We have a 100% success rate with improving student outcomes, in schools of all shapes and sizes.

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BARR gives educators the tools to work together to better understand and build on students’ strengths, proactively address the non-academic reasons why they may fall behind in school and identify what they need to thrive within and outside the classroom.

The BARR model reflects the conviction that all students can excel regardless of race, zip code, or family income when they are provided with the right supports.

“Implementation of BARR is possible in many different scenarios. It’s a program that is robust to context… It doesn’t matter whether it is a large school or a small school or an urban school or rural school. It doesn’t matter what the particular challenges or assets that my school has. This program seems to work pretty much across the board.”

Most Likely to Change the World podcast, hosted by Angie Jerabek, Executive Director and Founder

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