Strengthening School Connectedness to Increase Student Success


Robert Balfanz, Everyone Graduates Center, Johns Hopkins University

Angela Jerabek, BARR Center

Krystal Payne, Network for College Success, University of Chicago

Jenny Scala, American Institutes for Research

The EdResearch for Action Overview Series summarizes the research on key topics to provide K-12 education decision makers and advocates with an evidence base to ground discussions about how to best serve students. Authors – leading experts from across the field of education research – are charged with highlighting key findings from research that provide concrete, strategic insight on persistent challenges sourced from district and state leaders.

What we know:

Across all grade levels, students who feel more connected to school have higher attendance rates, higher academic outcomes, and higher graduation and post-secondary success rates.

Positive school connectedness has been consistently linked to various positive health outcomes, including lower levels of substance use, better mental health, and reduced violence.

Read the report that addresses the central question: What is the evidence on strategies to build a sense of school connectedness and engagement among all students?