AIR Releases New Data on BARR’s Outcomes

This week, our research partners at the American Institutes for Research (AIR) released new data at the Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness (SREE) Conference showing that the BARR model has positive impacts on student performance and teacher engagement across the 11 schools participating in their three-year within-school randomized control trial.

AIR Data Presentation at SREE – BARR: Impacting 9th grade Educational Outcomes: Results from a Three-Year Randomized Controlled Trial


  • BARR has a positive, statistically significant, impact on student performance in core academic courses.
  • This impact is seen for all subgroups of students; however, the estimate for white students, although positive, is not statistically significant.
  • Student served by BARR report higher levels of support, expectations, and engagement than students not served by BARR.
  • Teachers participating in BARR report higher levels of collaboration, use of data, and school support, as well as higher expectations for student prosocial behaviors.