Welcoming Students to the 2021-22 School Year

Student in classroom

Educators in Minnesota, and across the country, are getting ready to welcome students back into the classroom for the 2021-22 school year. When administrators have recently been asked how they are planning on best supporting students this school year, they have had a definitive response: BARR (Building Assets, Reducing Risks). 

In a recent conversation between Stillwater Area High School’s Assistant Principal Chris Otto and WCCO’s Reporter/Multi-Media Journalist Marielle Mohs, they discussed how BARR has been and will continue to be pivotal in supporting students as they transition back to in-person learning. Otto shared that while there are many stresses and responsibilities students are managing, BARR gives their educators a structure to help provide the best interventions for students who may be facing additional challenges. 

“It’s built into the curriculum and so teachers are a very big part of building those assets into students, helping them develop socially and emotionally and also learning how to recognize the balance that they need in their lives and how to deal with the stresses of everyday,” Otto said. Check out the full video!

BARR was also mentioned by White Bear Lake Area Schools’ Superintendent Dr. Wayne Kazmierczak in a Press Publications article. When asked what he’d like the community to know more about that is new at schools this year, his answer was BARR. This year, the school district will be expanding the model from 9th graders to middle school and high school students (6-12).

“School staff will work in collaborative teams to continue to identify, develop, and leverage students’ strengths,” said Kazmierczak. The full interview can be found here!

As Minnesota districts kick off the new year, educators are eager to support students through BARR and are looking forward to welcoming them back through their school’s doors.