MultiBriefs: How asset-based programs help K-12 education

“An American Institutes for Research (AIR) study showed that schools that use the BARR model see better academic performance. They also see fewer course failures and more courses attained.

It leads to better relationships between teachers and students, and among the students themselves. BARR schools have seen a 34.5 percent reduction in failure rate within one year of implementation.

This is why it is receiving generous federal grant funding. It will be implemented in 100 schools in 15 states by the end of this year, and the number will go up to 250 schools by 2020.

Asset-based pedagogy seeks to improve student engagement and learning. It will lead to a more relevant and meaningful curriculum for high school students. It will also prepare them for college better than they are now. They will find it easier to navigate the demands of higher education.”

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