North Branch grad rate increases in 2018-2019

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) has released the 2018-2019 graduation rates.

For North Branch Area Public Schools (NBAPS), the four-year graduation continues to trend upward, closer to the school district’s goal of 90% by 2020.

Here are some key statistics:

  • Four-year graduation rate increased from 84.68 to 89.58%. The state average is 83.7%.
  • Students eligible for free and reduced lunch meals increased from 62.90 to 80%.
  • Continued area of focus for NBAPS is graduation rates for students receiving special education.

Graduation rates will be further examined in building administration and data team meetings.

NBAPS is currently taking action to increase the number of students earning diplomas. The Building Assets Reducing Risks (BARR) program has been implemented starting in grade nine. The BARR model improves student achievement by improving a school’s effectiveness at building relationships, utilizing student data, and capitalizing on the strengths of each student. The Norse Area Learning Center was created in 2019-2020 to focus on increasing graduation rates for “at-risk” students. NBAPS has also created a three-year plan to address special education graduation rates.

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