Superior High School Prioritizes Raising Graduation Rates with BARR

Raising Superior's graduation rate

As student success continues to be front and center of minds, district teams are focusing this summer on strategic plans to ensure each and every student graduates. 

Superior School District is one of these teams who recently gathered for a School Board meeting where they collaboratively analyzed data to understand how they can best support students’ needs, help them prepare for post-secondary opportunities and narrow the opportunity gap. During the meeting, they dissected data and shared how they want to increase their graduation rates to ensure all students are leaving their district college and career ready. 

Superior High School, which began implementing BARR last year, was mentioned during the meeting as an exemplar for prioritizing the goal to raise graduation rates. Board member Mike Meyer shared how BARR can be the solution to increase graduation rates by strengthening relationships between students and educators. 

“It all comes down to relationships,” Meyer said.

The district is currently working on a continuous improvement plan that will be finalized in the fall to provide solutions to best address students’ needs moving forward. 

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