How Promises Make a Lasting Impact on Students

The BARR Network recently had an opportunity to come together during a BARR Professional Learning Community (PLC) event and gain helpful tips and inspiration from five times TEDx Speaker and because I said I would. Founder Alex Sheen. Because I said I would. is a social movement and nonprofit dedicated to the betterment of humanity through promises made and kept. Last winter, Sheen spoke to the BARR network, making the team excited to welcome him back to share more about how educators can embrace promises to make a lasting impact on their students, families and communities. 

Sheen began demonstrating the power of a promise by sharing one commitment he made, which was to walk across the entire state of Ohio in 10 days. With more than 75 attendees at the BARR Center event, he shared how he made this promise to walk 240 miles to honor three kidnapping survivors in his home state while also raising awareness for victims of sexual violence.

“If you show the world your self-control, your determination, and you do that for long enough, maybe the world will believe in the cause that you believe in,” Sheen said. 

When promises are made and kept, it can be transformational in strengthening relationships. During this event, Sheen shared how important it is to embrace a positive mindset, write down promises and position accountability as a strength to build trust with communities. When thinking is reframed from a “we have to” to a “we get to” perspective, it can spread kindness in the classroom and beyond.

“We work with schools…You get to wake up and change the trajectory of human history. You get to shape and form and create a better world through the human beings that are going to live in that world,” Sheen said. 

When educators come together and model the commitment to follow through on promises, they can strengthen relationships that are pivotal in creating positive ripples across each and every school community.