Inspiring & Connecting Educators through Teach Better Partnership

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Educators are finding creative ways to stay connected, inspired and supported with spring right around the corner. BARR Center recently participated in several opportunities with Teach Better to share the importance of relationships in education and setting boundaries to strive personally and professionally. Teach Better is a group dedicated to helping all educators be better every day by discovering and developing their passions. 

In Teach Better’s 12 Hour Live Event, Senior Director Hannah Scherer shared with Chief Experience Officer Rae Hughart her expertise about setting boundaries when balancing both work and life. As a former special education teacher and counselor with 20 years of experience in schools and a current mother of two, Scherer shared how important it is for educators to give themselves permission to set boundaries in a field that is dedicated to serving others.

“We are a helping field. We are constantly encouraging others. You are building up staff. You are building up students,” said Scherer. “Whatever your role is in the building or in designing this school, is that you are the person who is really looking out for others.”

She explained how educators need to take time to do an inventory discovering their own needs and preferences. Whether it is turning off notifications during time with family or setting aside a few minutes to make sure one has eaten, every educator needs to take time to create a plan that works best for their lifestyle.

 “Find the space and grace to figure out what you need,” said Scherer.

When educators determine their needs they can also better focus on staff-to-staff relationships through effective communication, leading teams to better support each other. At the end of the session, Hughart challenged each educator listening to reflect on the conversation and make a plan for one change they will make in the next week to set boundaries.

“You can’t do this alone,” Scherer reflected.

This was another key theme when the BARR Center team recently talked about relationships in education during a professional development event for Teach Better ambassadors, who are educators that are implementing the Teach Better mindset in their classrooms across the country. Director of Coaching and Secondary Schools Janice Eldridge, Director of Elementary Schools Beth Heimer and Director of Strategic Initiatives/NSI Project Lead Christina Ritter engaged the group by sharing how everyone needs a champion to both achieve their goals and help their students thrive. 

With each opportunity, BARR Center and Teach Better are excited to continue partnering by embracing their commitment to helping educators accomplish extraordinary things together, leaving a lasting positive impact on each community. 

*The Teach Better team will be speaking at the BARR 2022 National Conference. Learn more to register today!