Teach Better Shares Why Teachers Deserve Better on BARR PLC

Speaker and presentation

Teach Better’s Chief Experience Officer Rae Hughart joined the BARR Center as a special guest during the March Professional Learning Community (PLC) to share why teachers deserve better. 

More than 50 participants logged on to hear what teachers deserve, why they don’t have it, and how they can go get it. Hughart kicked off the energizing experience by allowing a time for educators to brainstorm, collaborate and dream together during an innovative challenge of designing their ideal learning space without many barriers.

“As we are looking at all of these hurdles we have as educators, whether it be financial or anything in between, we realize that even when these hurdles exist, if we take a moment and put them away that there is so much intelligence, creativity, and hope that exists within our profession,” said Hughart.

She shared how educators can work together to identify challenges and brainstorm innovative ideas to make an impact in their community. It can all start with one step in the right direction.

“Teachers can overcome hurdles if we work to be a part of the solution,” said Hughart.

While there are many ways educators can be a part of solutions in education, Hughart focused on three important topics. She shared why teachers deserve happiness, respect and leadership. Then, she shared practical strategies for how attendees could make this a reality.

Hughart challenged educators to share their accomplishments more often, get a better understanding of how their team recharges the fastest, and communicate their strengths to create a thriving learning environment.

“We have this mindset that we want to be better today than we were yesterday, better tomorrow than we were today,” Hughart concluded.

Although there were many strategies shared throughout the hour of learning together, Hughart and the BARR Center team challenged attendees to walk away with three key takeaways to be better tomorrow for themselves, their teams and each and every student they serve.