BARR is fact-driven and committed to achieving extraordinary results. Relationships and data are the two foundational pillars of BARR that help impact positive change for students and educators throughout the country. These case studies show the rippling effects that the model is making on helping educators support students like never before.

Helping Teachers Connect

BARR’s model disrupts the status quo, but not in ways typical of innovative educational programs. It doesn’t require hiring new teachers or changing the student body. It doesn’t overhaul the curriculum or lean on new technology. Instead, it is based on something surprisingly simple.

How Building Relationships and Using Data Combine to Create Student Success

This article discusses the development of the BARR model by a school counselor in a diverse high school twenty-two years ago, testing of the model through twelve randomized controlled trials across the United States, and provides a closer look at the BARR model in action as a New York City high school shares its experience in its first year of implementation.