Understanding the potential of every child and helping them achieve it.

Some things are just better together. As more International Baccalaureate (IB) Schools are implementing the BARR (Building Assets, Reducing Risks) model, we are seeing more evidence of increased success in student growth and academic achievement. Why? Because BARR:

  1. Builds positive intentional relationships between teacher and student as well as teacher to teacher in order to truly understand the potential and motivations of every student in a strengths- and team-based way.
  2. Drives the right conversations, decisions and interventions using relevant data to ensure that every student has the opportunity to achieve their true potential.

More Students Take AP and IB Courses with BARR

Students who are empowered to see and believe in their potential are more likely to enroll and thrive in the rigor of AP and IB courses. BARR ensures that it happens, and it’s not just a theory… it’s happening in BARR+IB schools throughout the nation.

We are welcoming more IB Schools to join the BARR Network!

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Hear from Angela Jerabek, BARR’s Founder and Executive Director, and Hannah Scherer, BARR’s Strategic Partnership Director, during an interview with Jon Peterson, Executive Director of the Minnesota Association of International Baccalaureate World Schools, as they discuss how the BARR model improves student engagement and success through a research driven and proven method. Listen to the podcast!


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Sign up for an upcoming webinar in April for IB Schools, led by Rob Metz, BARR’s Deputy Director, former educator, and principal, and Hannah Scherer, BARR’s Strategic Partnership Director and former IB program coordinator, who have both experienced the BARR+IB difference.

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Learn more about how the BARR model complements the IB Primary Years Programme and the IB Middle Years Programme

Learn more about how the BARR model complements the IB Diploma Programme


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Experience a free, self-paced, three-part Relationships Video Training that was created for UK based schools, each highlighting a BARR+IB school in the U.S. Check out the video series!


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