Education Secretary Duncan: “Talent is everywhere. Opportunity is not.”

Former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan shares his painful discovery at an early age of how systemic failures in our schools allow children to graduate high school without the ability to read.  

Duncan says, “Talent is everywhere. Opportunity is not. And our job is to help make sure that opportunity finds talent, wherever it is.”

That realization ignited Duncan’s passion to commit his career to improving the education system. While serving as the Secretary of Education, he lead the work to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in schools willing to innovate and pursue rigorous collection of data to support school improvements.

We’ll also hear from Joseph Held, the Dean of Students at White Bear Lake High School who told us how his teachers–working collaboratively in the BARR methodology–were able to provide early interventions and rescue students from being passed through the system without receiving the education they need to survive and thrive.

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