BARR support amidst Covid-19

Strategy Four

Create cohorts of students

In the BARR Model, students take a group of core courses as part of a block, or cohort. Each cohort typically has three core-subject teachers (typically math, English, and science or social studies), and the teachers’ and students’ schedules are aligned so the students take these three core subjects only with other students in their cohort.

This structure helps educators cultivate connections — with students and with each other — that allow for more effective education. For example, in a school with an average of 30 students per class, a cohort typically would include three teachers and 90 students. Each of the three teachers (English, math, and social studies, for example) would teach three 9th grade sections of his or her class — 30 students per class to make up the cohort of 90 students. In some schools, cohorts have four teachers.