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In case you missed it, check out this webinar recording with BARR’s team to learn more about how BARR’s proven solutions can help your school with this opportunity to create more equitable and innovative experiences for students.

Scroll down to meet the presenters. With the grant application deadline on November 18, please don’t hesitate to contact BARR’s Relationship Manager for Alabama schools, Tashina Raygor, at to learn more. 

An opportunity is available for Alabama schools to apply for a competitive CHANCE (Creating High Achieving Networks and Cultivating Excellence) grant that will encourage schools and provide them with resources to create equitable opportunities to implement innovation for their students. 

The following schools are eligible to apply:

If your school is eligible, this is an incredible opportunity to be innovative and use evidence-based and proven solutions, such as BARR (Building Assets, Reducing Risks). As the nation’s leading evidence-based school improvement model, BARR has been proven to increase student achievement and close opportunity gaps while improving school climate and culture.

BARR is a K-12 strengths-based educational model that provides schools with a comprehensive approach to meeting the academic, social, and emotional needs of all students through the power of data and relationships. With the same students and same teachers, BARR leads to better results by helping each and every student succeed through:

Built in mechanisms for networking, data reporting and program sustainability are also included, which will make your CHANCE grant even more competitive.

BARR provides Professional Learning Communities, virtually, for their 200 schools across the nation on a consistent basis. These have become a necessary part of our educators schedule. What was once a small PLC has grown into a community of learners who want to share and learn from each other, taking quick tips into their own classrooms and buildings the next day. Here is a link to see one of our latest PLC’s.

Meet the Presenters

Adult headshot

Rob Metz
Deputy Director

Rob has more than 35 years of education experience and has worked in Minnesota public schools as a teacher, a principal and a superintendent. As BARR’s deputy director he currently supports the board of directors and the organization’s general business functions. Rob also facilitates Professional Learning Communities for school administrators and shares the BARR story with educators, funders, and supporters.

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Candace Robinson
Manager of BARR Schools

As a current Nashville, Tenn., resident and former educator in the area, Candace has nearly 15 years of experience as a middle and high school Spanish teacher and 2.5 years as a BARR coach and trainer. At BARR, Candace works to ensure the model is implemented with fidelity and helps assess and support the work of the coaches and trainers.

Beth Heimer
Associate Director of Elementary Schools

With 25 years of experience both in the classroom and in administration, Beth has served as a mentor, teacher, and curriculum review director. Beth is currently overseeing the development of BARR’s elementary model. 

BARR has made me a better educator, and it has made my school a happier place to be.

Our students have started to see that their teachers care about them as humans and not just test scores and that has changed the classroom dynamic drastically.

The #1 reason I love working at South Fort Myers High School: Over the past few years in education I lacked the feeling of “valued” and that’s something that teachers desperately need in their education settings. For the first time in a few years, I feel valued where I work.